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Because AutoCAD has so many more installations that any other engineering software, some companies have decided to follow Autodesk's road to success. This is why a number of CAD systems so closely resemble AutoCAD, and have become known as «AutoCAD clones» or «AutoCAD work-alikes». Whether or not they actually are AutoCAD clones, these CAD systems have a lot in common with AutoCAD, and many of them use the same software platform, such as like Teigha and IntelliCAD.

Teigha (or strictly speaking, «Teigha for .dwg files») is the new name of the well-known DWGdirect development platform for CAD systems. It is dedicated to the programming of applications that are able to read and write DWG and DXF files, and its SDK (software development kit) is very similar to ObjectARX. Teigha is supported by Open Design Alliance, a nonprofit organization, who constantly enriches it with new functions, more or less synchronous with new releases of AutoCAD.

Our team was the one that developed some parts of Teigha code. We are capable of development of any custom CAD software on the base of this platform. Our experts can consult with you on issues related to programming with Teigha.

IntelliCAD is a CAD toolkit similar to Teigha, and also supported by a nonprofit organization known as IntelliCAD Technology Consortium. It provides a variety of APIs for CAD developers, including LISP, Visual Basic, COM, and SDS (a C/C++-based API). We have completed several projects using these interfaces.

In addition to providing consulting and software development services, we can localize your Teigha- and IntelliCAD-based software for the Russian language.