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Localization Services

You Are From Russia. Can You Localize My Software In Russian?

We provide first-class translation services for our customers, using professional translators who work from English to Russian.

We have found that localization of engineering software for the Russian market helps CAD/CAE/CAM/PDM/PLM vendors to increase their local sales significantly. In this context, «local sales» refers to all countries of the former USSR (CIS), whose populations exceed 300 million.

What About Engineering Terminology?

Our team has experience in different niches of the engineering software market. We are used to localizing GUI (graphical user interface) elements, as well as long pieces of text in help systems and tutorials.

The combination of engineering knowledge with English-to-Russian translation skills makes it possible for us to deliver high-quality results.

What Competitive Advantages Do You Have?

From other localization projects, we have compiled a list of many engineering terms translated to Russian, which is stored in our SDL Trados database. This reduces the effort it takes to localize other engineering products.

Our sister site, isicad.ru, is the number-one CAD/PLM/ERP site in the Russian language. Feel free to look at it and its English version, isicad.net, to evaluate our ability to localize engineering text.