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Consulting Services

I Have A Programming Problem That I Donít Know How To Resolve. I Canít Even Formulate It Clearly!

Our experts are ready to provide you with consulting services to formulate solutions for problems. We can investigate the real source of your software/technology problem, and advise you on which third-party software you should consider using to add value to your solutions.

In most of these cases, short-term consulting services are charged by a pay-by-the-hour scheme.

I Think I'm In Really Big Trouble. Could You Spend More Time On Consulting Me?

In complex cases, we may perform technical expertise for the customer. It is considered the first stage of the entire scope of work, but is regulated by a separate agreement.

How Much Do You Charge?

Compare our prices for consulting and for development services. Our team is filled with experts who have many years of experience and have strong analytical skills. This means that problem solving is not difficult for us.