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What Is The Best Form Of Communications Between Us?

Each real interaction between client and contract holder is somewhat specific. Anyway, we see three main models of cooperation and communication in contracting of software development:

  • Operational hub (subsidiary)
  • Problem solving
  • Minimization of costs

We have experience with all these models.

Do you need
everyday control
of a project?
Yes «Operational hub» model
Do you have
a technological challenge
in your project?
Yes «Problem solving» model
«Minimization of costs» model    

What Does «Operational Hub» Mean?

This model is long-term way to build reliable team outside of your own headquarters. Minimization of risks, stable team, guaranteed quality and flexible management are an important goals of any respectable business. These goals are reachable by means of our software development services: we are ready to organize your own team of experts and developers in our offices. It could be managed through our managers or directly managed by customer. Anyway, communication is tight and regular, and current state of any project is fully controlled by customer.

Problem Solving - Isn't It The Goal Of Any Project?

This model does not imply creation of your company «subsidiary» at our offices as operational hub model does. It is dedicated to very common real-life problem: your company produces software and is growing well but suddenly it collides with a technological challenge you do not know how to resolve. In this case it is reasonably to take advantage of software development services provided by another company. If the problem is related to CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM/PLM areas or it needs a good mathematical background then isicad.com team is the best choice. Problem solving model means that communication betwċen customer and contractor is generous during specification of problem and criteria of acceptance of its resolution but there are not so much need for tight communication after that.

Since The Aim Of Every Outsourcing Contract Is The Minimization Of Costs, What Do You Mean By Your «Minimization Of Costs» Model?

In public mind offshore software development is closely associated with minimization of production costs. We do not compete with outsourcing companies that have very low price of labor. Anyway, contracting of software development to our team is quite profitable for American, European and Asian companies that needs high quality programming at reduced price. If you need minimization of cost in producing of complex engineering software, just tell us - we have all needed competence so it is only an issue of price. Different levels of communication are available in scope of this model but usually they partially involve communication directly with developers.

So What Is The Best Way Of Communication?

From our point of view, ideal communication is:

  • quite regular to ensure that there are no misunderstandings;
  • not too messy to become a development burden.

Anyway, it is privilege of the customer to choose preferable style of communication. But we believe that optimization of this process and using of best practices make it possible to minimize overhead and reach high level of efficiency.