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Software Development Services

How Are You Organized Internally For Working On Software Project?

Our many years of experience in industrial software development for our customers (including long-term cooperation with the market leaders) has enabled us to work out our development and quality processes, including:

  • Role-based software development
  • Long-term roadmaps with milestones
  • Project schedule
  • Weekly development cycle
  • Coding standard & style
  • Multi-level testing of functionality & coverage
  • Clear indicators of progress for big bosses

Do You Pay Attention To Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance is never-ending process in every our project. It uses many tools and methods but the cornerstone of quality assurance is test infrastructure. Our company tries to automatize as much of software testing process as it is possible. In order to make it work we establish

  • Large representative base of industrial cases
  • Reliable routines of validation of correctness and measurement of efficiency
  • Nightly testing procedure that checks absence of errors and measures progress of daily work cycle

How Do You Build Your Test Infrastructure?

There are always a lot of tricks that influence usefulness of test infrastructure. For example, unit tests used throughout the code make it possible to localize defects and decrease overall cost of the support; multi-level structure of global test cases decrease efforts spent on debugging of new functionality. We use efficient approaches in quality assurance by adopting world-known best practices to specific objectives of any particular area.