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What Is Our Pricing?

The price for our software development services usually runs between $5,000 and $6,500 per man-month. This works out to $30-40 per hour, a moderate level.

Our price for consulting is 10-25% higher than what we charge for development services, while localization services are much cheaper.

How Is It Calculated?

Exact quotes depend upon
  • Volume of scope of work (the bigger the less price)
  • Qualification of the team (the higher the greater price)
  • Model of communication with customer

How Does Volume Affect Price And Other Contract Conditions?

Typical offshore contract sizes are in range 1-30 man-months. If someone needs greater volume of software development to be done, we usually subdivide the scope of work into several stages that are regulated by separate formal agreements, possibly united by frame contract. We are quite flexible to perform programming and consulting tasks that are smaller than one man-month. They can be merged with further tasks or be processed on pay-by-hour consulting scheme without entering into strict software development agreement. Usually we quote $5000-5500 for long-term agreements and $6000-6500 for outsourcing contracts that do not exceed 5-6 man-months.

Are There Further Circumstances That May Influence The Price?

One of them is qualification of the team needed to fulfill an order. We consider math-intensive areas of our core competence like geometric constraint solving or motion simulation as very demanding and ready to allocate PhD-level employees that specialize precisely in this area. Of course, it somewhat increases rates but unique experience and know-how of these experts reduce overall cost. Moreover, if an order makes it possible to enrich our core competence we are ready to provide a discount.

Do We Require Advance Payment?

Full price of software development contract is divided into several payments of comparable size. One of them is advance payment processed at the start of the contract and others are associated with gates, i.e. predefined milestones at which a certain level of functionality and quality of software must be achieved. Small contract may have only one final gate at the end of contract time-frame while contracts with volume more than 10 man-months usually have several gates.