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CATIA is a cornerstone of Dassault Systemes’ approach to PLM (product lifecycle management). This approach takes the different software products of Dassault Systemes – namely CATIA, DELMIA, ENOVIA, SIMULIA – and combines them into one super-system for engineering complex products. CATIA is the CAD part of this system, DELMIA is the CAM part, SIMULIA is for CAE, and ENOVIA is the PDM system that combines them all into a PLM system.

CATIA is well-known in the CAD market due to its 30-year history. Unlike Autocad, CATIA was from the very beginning aimed at the high end of the market: aerospace, automotive, and ship design firms.

The API (application programming interface) for CATIA is called «CAA» – an acronym for Component Application Architecture. This API is written in C++. CATIA has other APIs that are based on Microsoft’s Visual Basic and Java, but they are not as full-featured or as flexible as CAA C++ API.

Our team has completed many CATIA customization projects using CAA. We have worked on a very sensitive, internal part of the CATIA architecture itself, as well as with complex algorithms that process 3D and 2D geometry. Our experience in taking on contracts for developing services for CATIA includes the following:

  • CATIA GUI customization
  • Document management in CATPart, CATProduct, CATDrawing
  • Feature modeler
  • Geometry and topology modeler
  • Data export

We are ready to consult with you on CATIA/CAA and provide other services.